LS1/LS6 To LS2 LS3 Knock & Cam Camshaft Sensor Extension Wiring Harnes


Longyue Knock & Cam Camshaft Sensor Extension





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Longyue Knock & Cam Camshaft Sensor Extension
Wiring Harness LS1/LS6 to LS2 LS3


OEM Delphi-Packard connectors, terminals, seals and lockHigh TEMP cross-linked polyethylene TXL wire257°F (125°C) Heat resistant nylon Delphi-Packard certified loom tubing.

These Electronics knock sensor wiring harnesses with LS1 cam sensor adapter allows the cam sensor used on the front of a LS2/3/4/7/9 engine to be plugged into the LS1 cam sensor connector located at the back of the intake manifold.

They are ideal for LS2/3/4/7/9 motor conversions and are compatible with the PCM harness in LS1/LS6 vehicles.
Additionally, they include a knock sensor extension, which allows the single-wire LS1 knock sensors located on top of the LS1 manifold to be relocated on both sides of the LS2-series block, using the factory LS1 engine harness.


LS2 engine with LS1/LS6 wiring harness
Harness plugs in place of the factory LS1/LS6 knock sensor harness and extends to the knock sensor locations on the LS2 engine block.Commonly used with LS2 and newer engines installed in LS1/LS6 engine bays. Works on single wire knock sensors only. Will not work on knock sensors that require a two wire connection.

++Package included++ :


OEM connectors, pins and seals to ensure a secure

High Quality

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