Large Cap DFI HEI Ignition Adapter Harness Thruster EFI Engine Management System


Large Cap DFI HEI Ignition Adapter harness Thruster EFI Engine Management System





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Large Cap DFI HEI Ignition Adapter harness Thruster EFI Engine Management System

Thruster EFI is an entry level EFI system for the masses. Whether you have a 200HP or a 1200HP engine, Nitrous, Turbocharger or Supercharger the system is capable of running it.

The Only True Aftermarket Volumetric Efficiency Based EFI System in its Class.

It Will Run 11 Different Ignition Configurations.

Configurable to Narrow or Wide Band O2 Sensor Operation.

Offers Built-In Self Diagnostics.

Will operate the fuel injectors in Sequential or Batch Fire Mode.


Individual Cylinder Fuel Control.

Best Transitional Fueling for Unmatched Drivability.

The Only EFI System with Easy To Use Nitrous Power.

Will Support Up To 41 PSI of Boost.

Will operate High or Low Impedance Injectors.

2 High RPM over Rev Limiters (Ignition & Fuel)

Built-IN 2 Step REV Limiter.

Controls: Torque Converter, AC Clutch, Radiator Fans and Knock.

Has Shift Light Output.

Lap Top Programmable

The Only System in its class that can be upgraded to a PRO Version.

Comes With Limited Warranty - The competition offers no warranty

For 18 years, ACCEL/DFI has been the leader in EFI Technology.

Pack of 10

Uses the same GM Factory connectors, terminals and seals as the OEM wiring harness

High Quality

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