What Is The Process Of Wear Of Diesel Parts?

Apr 04, 2019

1. Run-in phase (run-in period)

The friction pair surface of the new part has a certain roughness, so its true contact area is small. After a short running, the surface is gradually smoothed, the real contact area is gradually increased, the fit is good, the wear speed is slowed, and it is normal and stable. Wear creates conditions.

2. Stable wear stage

After the running friction, due to the large actual contact surface, the wear of the friction pair surface is slow and stable in the subsequent relative motion, and the slope of the ab line segment is the wear speed.

3. Intense wear stage (late wear)

After point b, the wear rate increases sharply, the matching precision of each friction pair is quickly lost, the mechanical efficiency of the diesel engine is greatly reduced, abnormal noise and vibration are generated, and the temperature of the friction pair rises rapidly, which will eventually cause damage to parts of the diesel engine.