What Are The Categories Of Diesel Engine Parts Repair?

Apr 06, 2019

Therefore, the diesel engine can be divided into four categories: overhaul, minor repair, assembly overhaul and parts repair according to the object and scope of its repair work.

1. Diesel overhaul Diesel engine overhaul refers to a new machine or a diesel engine that has undergone overhaul. After running for a certain period of time, and after technical appraisal, it will carry out a restorative repair as planned.

2. Diesel minor repair Diesel minor repair is the repair of individual parts or assemblies in the assembly or structural system of a diesel engine. It is an operational repair.

3. Assembly overhaul refers to the repair work of the assembly and the main parts after rupture, wear and deformation after a certain working time, which needs to be dismantled and completely repaired to restore the technical performance of the assembly.

4. Parts repair refers to the repair work of various parts of the diesel engine, which are worn, deformed, corroded and broken during use, and used various processing techniques to restore their performance.