Watch The Electronic Harness Inspection

Oct 29, 2019

1. Look at the electronic harness packaging. Packaging is also an important indicator of the quality of an enterprise's products. A formal automotive electronic wire harness enterprise must have the packaging specifications for electronic wiring harness, complete with model specifications, factory name and factory site.

2. Look at the electronic harness certification. Regular electronic harnesses must pass mandatory safety certification, and qualified products have corresponding certification marks.

3. Look at the length of the electronic harness. Length is an important and intuitive way to distinguish between regular qualified automotive electronics harnesses and counterfeit harnesses.

4. Look at the appearance of the electronic harness. The formal electronic wire harness processing factory is strict in selecting raw materials, processing equipment and processing technology. Therefore, the processed electronic wire harness has a smooth and round appearance, a thorn, and an average color.

5. Look at the electrical harness conductor. Stripping the car's electronic wire harness, the core wire inside is shiny, oil-free, uniform in thickness, good in electrical conductivity, and safe to use. The plastic insulation material and the conductive parts of the electronic wire harness are directly related to the quality of the electrons, which respectively determine the insulation function and the conductive function of the electron.