So How To Identify The Wiring Harness Of UL Certified Wire Harness Processing Manufacturers

Oct 29, 2019

1. Single insulated wire. As long as we can see from the text that there is only one layer of insulating wire, adding a layer of insulating layer or protective material to the copper, this line is simple and basic.

2. On the same axis. On the same axis, we are also called oblique or braided wire. The structural composition is that a layer of copper wire is wrapped or woven on the outer surface of the single insulated wire or the stranded wire, and a sheath is extruded on the outside.

3. Composite line. Composite lines are much more complicated than they are with single insulated wires and coaxial wires. The composite wire is twisted by a plurality of single insulated wires according to customer requirements, and has various forms. There are also stranding units (twisted) in the twisted structure, and the stranding can also be woven as a shielding layer, and a layer of protection is applied outside. set.