How Should Wire Harness Manufacturers Control Product Quality?

Oct 29, 2019

1. Start with the source and ensure that the incoming materials must be correct. The raw materials should be inspected.

2. After confirming that the material is OK, you need to cut the wire and hit the terminal. We must do the first inspection. The subsequent production and inspection must be based on the first piece.

3. If other complicated wiring harnesses may require soldering, casing, heat shrinking, etc., the first piece should also be used as a reference to start work.

4. After the wire harness processing products are completed, it is necessary to conduct a full inspection, and establish a quality management department to supervise and inspect all aspects of the wire harness processing. If it is not qualified, the products that are not in place must be reworked.

5. Advance with the times, constantly improve the existing production technology, and the engineering department must continuously check the working hours and processes of wire processing to ensure the production capacity and timelines of the workshop.

6. The production department should formulate the production plan in a timely manner, and inform the technical and quality departments to control the new products. It is necessary to have reliable insulation in the local area where the insulation part should not be turned on.


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