Diesel Generator Set Parts Repair - Upsetting Method In Pressure Processing

Aug 17, 2018

It is a processing method that reduces the height of the part, increases the outer diameter of the part, or reduces the size of the inner diameter. Mainly used to repair non-ferrous metal sleeves and cylindrical parts. For example, when the inner diameter or outer diameter of the copper sleeve is worn, it is upset at a normal temperature by a special mold, and can be manually hammered using a press, a hand press or a hand hammer, and the direction of the force should be perpendicular to the direction of plastic deformation. , as shown in Figure 2-22. Repaired by upsetting, the shortening of the part after compression should not exceed 15% of its original height, and for larger loads it should not exceed 8% of its original height. For the upsetting uniformity, the ratio of height to diameter should not be greater than 2, otherwise this method should not be used.

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