Y-amaha YXZ Viking Seat Belt Bypass Plug - Override-Harness- Plug In Play


Y-amaha YXZ /Viking /Wolverine Seat Belt Plug






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Y-amaha YXZ /Viking /Wolverine Seat Belt Plug

Y-amaha Engineers designed the drivers side seat belt assembly with a speed governor. The seat belt sensor limits the vehicle's speed when the seat belt is not plugged in.

A must have if you are replacing your factory seat belt with a 4 or 5 point harness. Easy plug and play connector allows you to use a 4 or 5 point harness without setting off the warning light .

If you install an aftermarket seat belt without using this device your UTV's computer will shutdown your power around 10-15 MPH and goes into a limp mode. Once installed you can fasten your aftermarket harness, pull the straps tight, and power down the trails and anywhere else your journey might take you.

++Package included++ :



● Fits all Y-amaha YXZ / Viking/ Wolverine Editions/ Models-

● Plug 'n' Play

● No Cutting or Splicing Required

● Required for driver's side seat belt harness only

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