MAF Sensor Adapter Harness 1996-2004 Ford 2005


MAF Sensor Adapter Harness 1996-2004 Ford 2005+ 12"





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MAF Sensor Adapter Harness 1996-2004 Ford 2005+ 12"

Plug and play harness to use 05+ MAF slot-style sensor on all 96-04 Ford Vehicles. No more buying a MAFIA just because you don't want to cut and solder on your harness.

This harness mates to your existing 4-pin or 6-pin MAF connector, if you have an 01+ vehicle with a 6-pin harnes and built in IAT sensor, this harness will allow you to use the IAT built into the 05+ MAF (slot style, including HPX). If you have a 96-00 vehicle you will need to keep using the external IAT or cut your existing IAT wiring and solder it to the two gray wires on this harness.

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